Use the mobile app to REGISTER, Sign In with Google, or Sign In with Apple to create an account. Use your email and create a password. After that, set your display name from the settings page. This name will be visible to other users. An account is required to use the mobile app.
The Premium Supporter subscription is an annual subscription to gain access to premium features and support the Ice Report community.
To make a report, simply press the + button and select the ice thickness at your CURRENT GPS location. Be sure to only make reports where you have measured the ice.
If you accidentally made an incorrect report you can tap the report icon info window to access the delete button. You can only delete your own reports.
Ice Report uses your GPS location to improve the quality of the data. Requiring users to physically be on the lake helps keep accuracy high for other anglers. Note that trusted Premumium Supporters may make Ice Reports without using GPS.
No lake ice is 100% safe. Ice Report is supported by users and can't always account for local conditions, so the quality of the data can't be guaranteed. Always check ice conditions yourself to confirm the ice is adequate for your activities. Check with your local department of natural resources for information on ice safety.